Exit Prostitution Association is working to diminish prostitution and sexual maltreatment by focusing on preventive and advocacy work and participating in the public debate. Counseling work is growing in all target groups.

Exit is a member of CAP International and is one of the signatory NGO’s for Brussel’s call.

Unfortunately there are no materials available in English at the moment.

Youth Exit

(Nuorten Exit) works on the domain of primary and secondary prevention of sexual maltreatment and compensational sex of adolescent. The preventive work is done both online and in different public environments. Youth Exit provides awareness-raising workshops for secondary school students and trains multidisciplinary professionals working with adolescent, mainly in the capital area of Finland. On the national level preventive work is done in forms of online-counseling and social media. The focus of work is on empowerment by promoting sexual self-determination and sexual rights, and providing knowledge. Youth Exit started as an NGO based project in year 2010 gaining permanent funding by 2014. Youth Exit is a permanently founded function of Exit Prostitution Association.

Project Usva

Exit Prostitution Association also works among substance abusers between the age of 18-25 providing counseling regarding sexual violence, different forms of maltreatment and prostitution.


Exit Prostitution Association is funded by the Finnish Social Ministry of Social Affairs and Health by the proceeds from Veikkaus. During 2017-2018 Exit Prostitution participated in a project called Distrupt Demand funded by the European Commission (Internal Security Fund – Police of the European Commission Directorate General Migration and Home Affairs).


Executive Director Lotta Viinikka

toiminnanjohtaja at exitry.fi

p. 0400325204